Resume Resources


Helpful Tips:

The purpose of your resume is to entice the hiring manager to interview you. Your resume should display your education, experience, employment history, qualifications, and achievements relevant for the particular job in which you are applying.  Below is a list of explanations for items you should include in your resume.

  • Contact
    • full name
    • address
    • home telephone number and/or cell phone number
    • Do not include your date of birth and marital status
  • Education 
    • Example: Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, The University of Tulsa, Oklahoma; 1985; Minors: Chemistry and Mathematics; GPA: 3.0 / 4.0.
  • Professional Qualifications
    • List your professional qualifications
    • List professional associations of which you are a member and professional ID numbers.
    • If you recently completed a university degree or equivalent, then you may want to list the courses you studied if the subjects you studied was relevant to your target job.
  • Training Courses
    • List work related training courses and company attended courses
    • List any qualifications granted through training courses
  • Work Experience
    • List the most recent or current job and work backwards.
    • For each position list your job title (e.g. Manager, Supervisor, etc),
    • Provide the dates of when you began and finished each job.
    • Provide the name of the company
    • List the main responsibilities, achievements, duties, and skills of the position held.
  • Major Achievements
    • List 3 to 6 of your most important work achievements
    • List accomplishments which are relevant to the next/future/potential job and indicate how those accomplishments were achieved
    • Achievements  sell you to an employer therefore it is vital to think carefully about your achievements.
  • Other Experience
    • List computer skills including the make and type of equipment, software and operating system used
      • Example: Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Office XP.
    • List foreign language skills.
    • Typing or shorthand speeds
  • Interests / Hobbies
    • List your interests, hobbies and any sports you play.
    • List any positions of responsibility you hold or have held in any club or organization, and say what your responsibilities and achievements were.
  • Summary
    • List your major skills, strengths, personal qualities and achievements.
      • Example: good team player, excellent written skills, versatile, able to motivate others, etc.

Sample Resumes:

Resumes can be creative, but they need to be organized and easy to read. Below are a few links to example resumes.


Books: (available in the library)

Get the jobPeak performance

Website Resources:


Purdue Owl

Harvard Business Review

Tulane University





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