Brandon Campus

LRC Orientation

LRC Orientation Quiz

(Please see your campus librarian if you did not receive a certificate upon completion.)

Brandon Campus Library Hours:

Open and Staffed:

Monday – Thursdays from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Open (no staff): Fridays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Librarian: Coming soon!

Phone: 813-315-2203


Databases are organized collections of data. The Southern Tech libraries subscribe to two very well known database collections, LIRN and Ebscohost, that house hundreds of thousands of newspaper, magazine, and  journal articles specified for each program’s educational needs.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Florida Electronic Library

Internet Public Library

Library Information Resource Network (LIRN)  (contact librarian for passcode)

BooksRed  Library Catalog (Physical Books on the Shelves)

Library Name: Southern Technical College Main

Password: Leave blank

The catalog is comprised of all the materials housed within all of the Southern Technical College campus libraries. When you find an item you want, notice where the book or item is located. If the book is in the Brandon Campus, please see the librarian to check out the item. Books may be checked out for two weeks at a time.

If the book you would like is at a location other than Brandon, please complete the appropriate InterLibrary Loan Request form below.

InterLibrary Loan Request from Tampa(Complete this form if you want to borrow a book from the Tampa campus ONLY – it usually takes one week to receive book.)

InterLibrary Loan Request NOT from Tampa (Complete this form if you want to borrow books from the Auburndale, Fort Myers, Mount Dora, Orlando, or Sanford campuses – may take four to six weeks to receive book.)

Self Service

When the librarian is not available, please use the Checkout Form below for every book that you would like to borrow (when the librarian is not available). If you need assistance, please ask the front desk receptionist or your instructor. Please do not leave the library with a book without completing the Checkout Form.

Book Checkout (Brandon campus only)

If you would like to request the Brandon Campus library to purchase a specific book, select the link below. Once this form is completed, it automatically emails your librarian:

Materials Request (Use this form to request a book)

EnvelopeImage   Student e-mail: 

E-mail address: Initial of first name, full last name, & last 4 of student ID
Default Password: (CAPS) Initials of you first and last name & last 4 of SSN
ex/ e-mail address:     Password: JD4321


Research Paper Guides

Use these guides when you need help writing your research papers and using APA format.

Guide to Writing Research Reports 101 (Includes APA Specifications)

Sample Paper with Explanations

APA Template (Download) *Note it is up to the discretion of the instructor to insist on addition information on the title page. 


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